Favorite Trend: Furry Slides



Here’s my crazy obsession! You could see me wearing my furry slides in latest outfit post and to be honest a lot of people don’t get it haha. They are super comfortable, fun and make people stare at you (probably just your feet) basically all the time. What might sound crazy is that I like to wear them with dresses and playsuits, i love contrasts. And because I’m not the only one loving this trend I created little moodboard of my favorite stylings and at the bottom of this article you’ll find some of my favorite furry slides with links also in all different price categories!
What do you think about this trend? Love it or hate it?

Cremorlab Korean Skincare



When it comes to skin care I tend to stick with just few products that work for me and I like to keep everything simple. Last week though I had a meeting with the lovely girls from Fann Parfumerie and they introduced me to Cremorlab, which is korean skincare focusing on hydration. The key ingredient is T.E.N. water which is thermal water high on minerals such as selenium, vanadium and zinc. I have to say all the products are amazing, my favorite is the sheet mask which makes the biggest difference to my skin, and the eye cream which is so light but works like a miracle. I think I never used that many hydrating products on my skin at once haha but my skin really feels great!

How I fell in love with summer



Yesterday I showed you my new bag and now you can see it in action! I have to say my furry slides are drawing a lot of attention and so funny to see people’s faces when they see them haha but I will talk about my obsession in the next post. For today I thought I would share some reasons why I fell in love with summer. I was always more of fall/spring kinda girl but now I enjoy summery fashion styles way more then I ever used to. But it’s not only about fashion, it’s about the lifestyle. Everything is way more calm for me, just to sit outside on a nice little terrace, drink coffee and enjoy a good meal, or to sit by a pool and read a book. I feel like I learned how to appreciate these moments. I am more of a night owl anyways so I do most of my work at night and just live my life during the sunny days. I am just so excited for this summer! ☼

What do you enjoy the most about summer?

New in: Gucci Marmont



Finals are over, stress is gone and summer is here! You have no idea how happy I am to have more free time to relax and spend some time with friends and family. Right after my finals I got this beauty and just had to share it with you. I fell in love with the Gucci velvet bags about a half year ago and couldn’t stop thinking about them, especially this petrol blue one and then it disappeared from their website (I thought) for good. And now they’re back! They also have the smaller version of this bag in cobalt blue and different embroidered versions (also super pretty) but I decided to go with the classic and you’ll see it in outfit tomorrow ♥

Have a beautiful day everyone!




I just came home from the hairdresser.. super excited! I’ve never been so blond so it’s a little bit of a shock overtime I see myself in the mirror, but feels so good. I always wanted to try full blonde but was scared it would destroy my hair. Fortunately my hairdresser is amazing and with some magic skills she manage to keep my hair healthy. So now I started looking for extra inspiration for hairstyles and also pastel colors to use for the summer. Now I’m thinking light washed off pink, just to have fun for few weeks. What do you think? There’s gonna be more pictures of my new hair soon so meanwhile enjoy some blonde inspiration ♡

Vintage love



Oh my god! It’s been a month since the last time i posted here.. Honestly I was just very busy with work and school especially, on Friday I submitted all my projects for BA finals YAY! And I am so happy to have finally more time for Veshion Life and I also plan on doing completely new posts and more personal ones as well. I hope you will still enjoy this blog and huge thanks to those who came back.
About my outfit, this style is so me. I really love the over the knee boots which i wasn’t a big fan of from the beginning.. the rest is very casual, big sweatshirt and oversized denim jacket. Actually I wanted to share my sweatshirt story with you, I found it some time ago in my mom’s old closet.. I was so happy when I saw it since the design is so popular again ♡ Kinda wish my mom would keep more of her old clothes haha.
Well this is it for today.. I hope you’re having amazing weekend!

Suit it up!



Hello everyone! Last time I showed you the Fashionplanet showroom and today here I am with my first and probably the most favorite pick and that is the stripy suit. It was love at first sight and I kept imagining it just with a basic or statement tee and sneakers. This year I really like the trend of matching two pieces and suites, they look so cool and stylish, plus you can dress them down (like I did here) or dress them up (with heels). I wanted to make this look even more casual so I added up my Pomikaki backpack which you all probably know quite well by now haha. When I love something I wear it all the time and I don’t even care.
What is the newest thing in your closet?

Fashionplanet Showroom SS17



Some time ago I visited the Fashionplanet Showroom to check out the new collection for spring and summer 2017 and I just fell in love with way too many things! We started off with yummy breakfast and cappuccinos, talked over all the news and then looked around. Doca came up with so many styles for their collection and my favourites were the Chanel style bags and big squared shopper (you’ll see on pictures below 😉 ). Clothing wise, Estel had so many boho pieces, off shoulder tops and embroidered dress and also stripy suite which I already got haha and you can see it on my Instagram. And Doca had all beach ready items which is perfect because I’m going this summer to Greece so I already planned my outfits haha. Well take a look!

Gosh Hair Products Review



As I mentioned last time, I have beed trying some new products and this time it will be hair related! It is kinda hard to find something that is actually good for my hair since it’s curly and now when I’m blonde also pretty dry. So I was pretty excited when Gosh came up with their hair line and especially the coconut oil one.

I’ve been trying the shampoo and mask from that line and also a cleansing conditioner and overnight dry oil from the Vitamin booster line. All products are without parabens and vegan friendly. And honestly I could see a difference from the first use, the coconut oil shampoo makes your hair super soft and you don’t even have to use a mask (I use the mask only once a week for extra hydration), plus it smells amazing!

The cleansing conditioner is completely new product for me, I’ve heard a lot about it but never tired it myself. The idea is that you don’t use any shampoo just the conditioner. It felt weird at the first time since I thought I am just going to get extra oily hair but it’s actually the opposite. The conditioner cleans your hair and keeps the natural oils in them. An the dry oil is kind of a miracle, it nourishes your hair but doesn’t make them oily at all! You really need to try Gosh’s new hair line, it’s worth it!

Blue Velvet



Long time no see! It’s been some time since I haven’t post anything and I missed it so much. The truth is I didn’t really feel motivated or inspired. I had this outfit and photos ready few weeks ago but I didn’t know what to write so it’s been saved as draft for some time. I had a lot of stuff to do for school and then some new project in my working life and whenever I had the chance to take photos of my outfit I didn’t want to, I didn’t really like what I was wearing (it was pretty much the same thing all time, basics basics basics) or I wasn’t in the mood. Lately I’ve been feeling really good, had some good luck and just felt (still feeling! haha) happy. So here is the old outfit you haven’t seen yet with my new Karl Lagerfeld bag and Public Desire over the knee heels, which are kinda hard to walk in, I’m not gonna lie haha. Anyways expect more posts from now on, I have new hair care I’ve been trying recently so there will be review soon. Also did some shopping so expect a lot of “new in” posts and new outfit hopefully soon as well.
P.S. Have a great weekend everyone!