Suit it up!



Hello everyone! Last time I showed you the Fashionplanet showroom and today here I am with my first and probably the most favorite pick and that is the stripy suit. It was love at first sight and I kept imagining it just with a basic or statement tee and sneakers. This year I really like the trend of matching two pieces and suites, they look so cool and stylish, plus you can dress them down (like I did here) or dress them up (with heels). I wanted to make this look even more casual so I added up my Pomikaki backpack which you all probably know quite well by now haha. When I love something I wear it all the time and I don’t even care.
What is the newest thing in your closet?

Fashionplanet Showroom SS17



Some time ago I visited the Fashionplanet Showroom to check out the new collection for spring and summer 2017 and I just fell in love with way too many things! We started off with yummy breakfast and cappuccinos, talked over all the news and then looked around. Doca came up with so many styles for their collection and my favourites were the Chanel style bags and big squared shopper (you’ll see on pictures below 😉 ). Clothing wise, Estel had so many boho pieces, off shoulder tops and embroidered dress and also stripy suite which I already got haha and you can see it on my Instagram. And Doca had all beach ready items which is perfect because I’m going this summer to Greece so I already planned my outfits haha. Well take a look!

Gosh Hair Products Review



As I mentioned last time, I have beed trying some new products and this time it will be hair related! It is kinda hard to find something that is actually good for my hair since it’s curly and now when I’m blonde also pretty dry. So I was pretty excited when Gosh came up with their hair line and especially the coconut oil one.

I’ve been trying the shampoo and mask from that line and also a cleansing conditioner and overnight dry oil from the Vitamin booster line. All products are without parabens and vegan friendly. And honestly I could see a difference from the first use, the coconut oil shampoo makes your hair super soft and you don’t even have to use a mask (I use the mask only once a week for extra hydration), plus it smells amazing!

The cleansing conditioner is completely new product for me, I’ve heard a lot about it but never tired it myself. The idea is that you don’t use any shampoo just the conditioner. It felt weird at the first time since I thought I am just going to get extra oily hair but it’s actually the opposite. The conditioner cleans your hair and keeps the natural oils in them. An the dry oil is kind of a miracle, it nourishes your hair but doesn’t make them oily at all! You really need to try Gosh’s new hair line, it’s worth it!

Blue Velvet



Long time no see! It’s been some time since I haven’t post anything and I missed it so much. The truth is I didn’t really feel motivated or inspired. I had this outfit and photos ready few weeks ago but I didn’t know what to write so it’s been saved as draft for some time. I had a lot of stuff to do for school and then some new project in my working life and whenever I had the chance to take photos of my outfit I didn’t want to, I didn’t really like what I was wearing (it was pretty much the same thing all time, basics basics basics) or I wasn’t in the mood. Lately I’ve been feeling really good, had some good luck and just felt (still feeling! haha) happy. So here is the old outfit you haven’t seen yet with my new Karl Lagerfeld bag and Public Desire over the knee heels, which are kinda hard to walk in, I’m not gonna lie haha. Anyways expect more posts from now on, I have new hair care I’ve been trying recently so there will be review soon. Also did some shopping so expect a lot of “new in” posts and new outfit hopefully soon as well.
P.S. Have a great weekend everyone!

February Online Picks

T-shirt / Glasses / Coveteur / Girlboss / Chanel Fragrance / Backpack / Sneakers / Diptyque Clay / Kylie Lip Kit


Monday’s here! I never thought I would be this excited but I’m actually looking forward going to school and work today. I was sick for so long and I’m finally starting to feel stronger and much better overall.  And this is the outcome of my illness..Wishlist! I feel like I browsed on every site and seriously can’t wait to be busy with school and work to keep my money from disappearing haha. Although I already purchased few thing, the GRL PWR tee from NA-KD this was a gift for my name day (so that doesn’t really count right?), Girlboss and Coveteur books as well as few beauty products from Kylie Cosmetics (Can’t wait for them to arrive! And to pay the extra import duties and taxes..yay). An the rest will probably stay on my long term wishlist..especially the Alexander McQueen Sneakers I can’t stop thinking about them. What is currently on your wishlist?

Brunch Time



When I was editing these photos I had to was such a good day, really! I had my last week of finals and was freaking out a little bit and had to distract myself for a while so we texted with Eliza and made a plan for a brunch in our favorite Coffee Room (the best avo toast in Prague!). We met pretty early since Eli had to go to work afterwards and we had really awesome time, also we haven’t seen each other for a long time due to all the work & school craziness. We talked for like two hours, laughed most time of it, and then took these photos. It was really nice day because of the sun, but I’m not gonna lie I was freezing. Good thing I live only few minutes from that coffee place haha. It really helped me relax and get some new energy for the finals..I guess my point is, don’t be hidden in your study hole for too long, go out, enjoy yourself, hang out with friends, this will get you the most energy, I promise! (and don’t stress too much 😉 )

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide



You probably noticed that I haven’t been very active on my social media lately and it’s because I am not feeling well and I basically slept through the whole weekend. Being sick tend to get boring and gives me extra time to browse through all online shops (and by all I mean literally all haha) and with upcoming Valentine’s Day I got the idea to create small gift guide. All these products are from ASOS and most of them are under 20 dollars. And it’s always nice to get something small that makes us smile. Don’t worry if you’re single..treat yourself! Or you bestie! Or both! I hope you will like this guide and let me know how are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Body Inspiration



It’s all about the booty! And that’s why I am here with little body inspiration post. With the New Year, all the resolutions and “new year new me” attitude everyone is starting to workout to loose those extra pounds we gained over Christmas break and I want to spread a positive message. I am not a biggie on any type of motivation posts etcetera but I feel like this is important. I see so many young girls hating their body..and it is so sad. We should except us for who we are and learn how to love our body and starving yourself is not going to do it. My current aim is to build extra muscle definition on my belly, but and thighs and I will let you know how that goes (I even created new category “Fitness” so there will be more posts related to that!). Let me know if you’re working out or your real ‘body’ story..I would love to read that!
By the way, I found it really hard to find body inspiration like this, most pictures showed supper skinny girls instead of some bootylicious pics.

Alexander McQueen vs. Adidas

Alexander McQueen Sneakers (link) / Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers (link)


I’ve been eyeing the Alexander McQueen sneakers for some time now and I fell in love with them. They are very similar to the Stan Smiths but more baggier and kinda strange looking. I have to say I like them way more then the Adidas ones but on the other hand they are kinda pricey especially compared to Stan Smiths. So I am asking for your opinion. What would you do? Also I think I will be doing this type of post more often since there is so many similar products with different price range. Would you like that? Please let me know!

Snow Queen



You know why I like snow? It makes my pictures super bright and very Instagramable haha but that’s about it. I am more fall/spring kinda gal, I don’t even mind the cold so much but the messy, hard to walk on etc. Although when we go skiing that’s fine, for only that moment. That’s why I love skiing trips in Itally, the snow is only on the top of the mountains and green grass in the valley. Well I’m gonna stop moaning and talk about the outfit. This is my kind of winter uniform, leather pants (next outfit will be with different pants! maybe haha), band tee, fur coat and my new boots. When I don’t know what to wear in the morning I always go for this type of outfit and I usually wear a beanie or a cap. What is your go to outfit?
Btw. last weekend we went to see the new movie Why him? Starring James Franco and it was hilarious! Anyone saw it?