NEW IN: Nike Roshe Run





Well, it’s here! I am one of those who wear sneakers with regular outfits. You may seen a lot of bloggers or celebrities wearing New Balances, Nikes, Reeboks, or Adidas instead of pair of heels or boots. Why? It’s comfortable! Can you imagine staying all day long in heels? Especially when you have to run from one place to the other? That’s why we have sneakers. Although when you combine them with cool outfit they do their job also as fashion shoes. At first I wanted to buy New Balances but I didn’t find the ones I would like, they didn’t have my size, etc. so I let it go, but recently I fell in love with these Nike Roshe Run sneakers, the simplest they can be in black and white combination. (my favorite colors yep!) I already wear them and there is an outfit coming up soon!

How do you feel about this trend?

Do you wear sneakers with regular outfit?

Which one are your favorite?

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