Pick of the month-MANGO cardigan


I decided I’m gonna share one of my favorite thing of this month with you guys! I bought this Wool-blend long cardigan in grey in Mango in the beginning of October and two weeks later I bought the same one in camel. These cardigans are one of my favorite cardigans ever! They are so comfortable and they look like a coat. Other great thing about them is that they are so cheap..it’s incredible how cheap they were! You could already see the grey one in School Outfit Post¬†and there is one outfit coming with the camel one. As I said they look like a coats and this is way how I wear them, it’s not really cold now, so I can still wear them and feel warm. If you like long oversized things, go and buy one!

Do you wear long oversized cardigans?






They also have one more color, the forest green (you can see it on the pictures above) and I am thinking about getting one in this color also. What do you thing? Do you like the Forest green color? Should I buy it or not?

If you’re interested in buying one, you find them here.

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