5 Buys worth the money


Hi guys! Do you remember the last time you were in the store and looking at overly expensive extravagant shoes and thinking about buying them? I guess we all know that feeling so I made a list full of stuff that are worth the money. Every women should own these things and you might not believe it but they are going to stay with you the whole life!

Good quality handbag – buying a cheap bag every second month because it gets damage is not worth it. You don’t have to buy designer handbags such as Chanel or Givenchy. The bag has to be done well and from a good material. Zara make really good handbags.

Boots – you should own a pair of boots that fits you well and you could put them on with almost anything. This purchase might not be cheap but those shoes will stay more than 5 years. Now you have to decide, buying cheap shoes every year or once in 5 years?

Jeans – not every store offers good quality jeans, they change color, stretch out, or get damaged. You will probably pay three times more than those jeans but you will feel the difference! I really like jeans in Topshop, they fit me the best and I can’t complain.

Basics – Having few basic pieces in your closet is must have! You can style them with anything and they will never get out of fashion. Buying T-shirts made out of a good material is the best thing you can do!

Dainty accessories – Turning into silver or gold is worth it, it doesn’t get damage and it’s going to have the same price years later. You can wear those pieces such as earrings, necklaces, and rings every day, so simple and pretty.