5 Buys not worth the money


Spending money on things we are going to wear once is not worth it! When you have that much money you don’t know what to do with, this is not for you. I made a list full of things that people buy without thinking and now you can avoid it!

High brand basics – every time look at the materials! You might be paying extra $200 for the brand. You can find better quality pieces and much cheaper!

Designer T-shirts – having a piece of cotton with logo or name on is crazy. You can see it all over the internet, but don’t spend enormous amount of money on a cotton t-shirt.

Designer sneakers – this whole slip ons trend was so popular that brands such as Givenchy or Celine made slip on sneakers and sold them for $500. Do you really want to spend that much money on sneakers? By the way you can find really good designed and quality slip ons for $80 and less.

Extra expensive designer shoes – buying shoes for $500 is not a good idea but buying shoes for $1000 and more is crazy! Every time designers such as Chanel or Christian Louboutin make shoes with heels you can’t walk on or with million fancy things on them. They are trendy one season and than they are done. Other bad thing is that you’re not going to wear these shoes everyday, they need a proper outfit. Is it really worth spending that much?

Statement necklaces – Of course, they are so beautiful and we love jewelry. Buy buying one statement necklace with expensive stones can cost a lot and we are not going to wear it everyday, it needs its special time. Buying dainty accessories is much worth the money.

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  • Michael
    November 25, 2014

    Completely agreed!! Especially with the sneakers and basics..
    Thanks for this post, should be shared via internet to all fashion people ^_^

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