What’s in my bag?


I love to read articles or to watch videos with what’s in my bag theme. So here is mine! These are my essentials that I cary with me all the time. Enjoy!


I have my wallet with me all the time, I have there my ID, insurance card, money, etc. also I like to use journals (I’m little bit old-fashioned in this) and of course I need a pen.


I like to have with me some concealer and powder do fix my make up also some hair ties, and lipstick. Sometimes I don’t have time to go home and do my make up again when going somewhere and bright lipstick can change the whole look.


Headphones are important! I love to listen to the music when I’m going somewhere.


I don’t have to wear glasses all the time, but sometimes my eyes are really tired and they do not work as they should, I use them especially at school.


When I’m at home I drink a lot of water but when I go somewhere I forget to drink, that’s why I cary this water bottle with me everywhere. It has small filter which is great because I can refill it almost everywhere. Also some small essentials such as hand lotion, carmex (best thing for lips ever!), small perfume, and my keys.


And last but not least, cellphone. I feel like it’s attached to my hand haha, I use it all the time. I also cary with me the backup battery (it is an iPhone case, it’s very handy and I don’t need any extra cables in my bag).

What are your bag essentials?

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