Back to blogging


It’s gonna be about a month since I post something..I know and I am really sorry! But a good thing is that I am back in my full strength!

There was way too much stuff going on in my life and I didn’t feel like doing anything. I didn’t want to force myself into writing posts because they would be without energy, without idea..they would be boring and uninteresting (THEY WOULD SUCK) and I don’t want to┬áruin my blog with this type of articles…so I took a blog vacations, I spent all the time relaxing, working, hanging out with friends. Also I started working out and thinking more about what I eat so there will be more posts about my work out routine and some healthy recipes (don’t worry I will still eat burgers haha).

Another update! I am going to Italy this Monday and I am super excited!!! I will bring my laptop and camera with me and I will try to post during my stay! (PROMIS) I am going to San Vincenzo so if anyone knows whats best there to eat or do, please comment down below! Also we are planning a trip to Florence and Pisa…yes, there is going to be massive amount of pictures! I want to make it up to you!!

Lastly I just want to thank you for keeping up with me!!! I appreciate it a lot!

Love you <3