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New in: Daniel Wellington


Hello everyone! I am back from Italy and I have a lot of photos so you’ll see them soon. But first I wanted to show you what arrived today to my mailbox. I got offer from Daniel Wellington to get one of their watches I agreed. I already own one in rose gold and this time I got the same ones but in silver. I just love the simplicity. Even though almost everyone has them I don’t care they are still my favorite.

You can get the watches 15% off using promo code VESHION

Ahoj! Už jsem zpátky z Italie a mám pro vás hrozně moc fotek, takže se máte na co těšit! Nejdřív bych vám ale chtěla ukázat co mi přišlo hned jak jsem se vrátila a jsou to tyhle hodinky znažky Daniel Wellington. Vím že jsou vidět skoro všude a má je každá druhá blogerka, ale to mě nezajímá. Líbí se mi a už vlastním jedny v rose gold a nosím je pořád, tak jsem ráda, že je teď můžu střídat.

Pro ty, co by si chtěli hodinky taky pořídit, když zadáte promo kód VESHION tak je dostanete o 15% levněji

dwsilver dwsilver2


My life lately


Hello guys! I am really happy to back at blogging, I really love and because I didn’t post for about a month here you can see some pictures from that time so you can get the idea what was I doing. Also my two friends from Germany came to visit and I vlogged the whole time and you can watch the first day here (link)!!


Delmart – the best salad // Angelato with Carolin // Palanda burger with girls // Bar and some drinks


At the club // chill afternoon in the park // coffee needed!!


another chill in park // work time // beautiful Prague // FOOD


Youtube is my life haha // working out // Jazz concert // cute lion latte


breakfast at work // party time // eat your veggies! //pool is the best thing in this weather!

What did you do? Any news?


Back to blogging


It’s gonna be about a month since I post something..I know and I am really sorry! But a good thing is that I am back in my full strength!

There was way too much stuff going on in my life and I didn’t feel like doing anything. I didn’t want to force myself into writing posts because they would be without energy, without idea..they would be boring and uninteresting (THEY WOULD SUCK) and I don’t want to ruin my blog with this type of articles…so I took a blog vacations, I spent all the time relaxing, working, hanging out with friends. Also I started working out and thinking more about what I eat so there will be more posts about my work out routine and some healthy recipes (don’t worry I will still eat burgers haha).

Another update! I am going to Italy this Monday and I am super excited!!! I will bring my laptop and camera with me and I will try to post during my stay! (PROMIS) I am going to San Vincenzo so if anyone knows whats best there to eat or do, please comment down below! Also we are planning a trip to Florence and Pisa…yes, there is going to be massive amount of pictures! I want to make it up to you!!

Lastly I just want to thank you for keeping up with me!!! I appreciate it a lot!

Love you <3


Lazy day


Hello everyone! I thought I would show how my lazy day looked like. I was really tired and I felt like I needed a rest. I slept pretty long to get some energy and It helped!

Do you have those days when you just want to stay home and do nothing?


After I got up I made myself late delicious breakfast, also I got some work done.


Then there was time to chill, watch videos and tv series.

lazy3 lazy4

Finally I had time to read and made myself some hot green tea.


In the end of the day I had dinner which was pretty amazing! I might be doing post on this! In the night I just watched the True Detective and fell a sleep.

NEW IN: Accessories


Last month I did little shopping, luckily I found everything I wanted to. Huge scarves are my love addiction and this white/grey one is from Zara (surprisingly haha), it is so soft, huge, and warm that I want to cuddle with it all the time. Next thing I bought from Zara is this necklace, what I really like about is that it looks like many necklaces together but it’s only one. What I also like is that it combines gold with silver, which I really appreciate. Last thing is iPhone case from Topshop, I love the pattern, it’s so juyful and the colors are beautiful, it is great for cloudy grey days, it just brighten up my day.

What did you buy lately from accessories?

Which necklaces do you wear?

Do you own any phone case like this?

Camel Coat


Do you remember the Mango cardigans I wrote about in Pick of the month post?  Well I already showed you the grey one and now you can se the camel cardigan. In this outfit I wear it as a coat, as I said it’s not that cold, so it still keeps me warm. To add something I put this huge scarf from Zara all over me. I think it’s great way how to were scarves differently. (There is going to be a post how to wear scarves!) I hope you’re going to like this outfit as much as I do.

Do you wear scarves like this?

How about comel coats? Yes or No?

Collection Exclusive L’oreal Paris – Review


Have you seen the new L’oreal Paris Collection Exclusive by Color Riche? It’s amazing! It used to be pretty hard to find a good quality lipstick in a drugstore..not anymore. Every lipstick is named after celebrity, I bought Doutzen and Blake (Doutzen Kroes and Blake Lively). The pigmentation is really good and they also stay almost all day! (Blake stays little bit longer than Doutzen)  Doutzen is more orangey red and Blake is more classic. This product is really well made and I can only recommend to to you! Great thing about them is, that they are cheap (because it’s a drugstore product) but they can replace high end lipsticks. Also the packaging is beautiful, I haven’t seen anything like this in a drugstore, it’s simply black with leather texture and little bit of gold, so classy! If you know someone who loves lipstick, this can be really nice present!

Do you wear lipsticks?

Have you already tried these from Collection Exclusive?

What is your favorite shade?



Hi Guys! My birthday is coming so I decided to make a little wish list. Those are three things I would love to get for my birthday.
Zara Boots – Yes I know, I have like million of black boots but look at these! They are adorable! I already know what would I wear them with, what else to say? Pure love.
Daniel Wellington watches – I don’t own any pair of watches so I decided it’s time to start wearing them. I love the simplicity of them and they can be worn with every outfit.
Diptyque candle – I have the Baies one and it’s like the best candle ever, the smell is magical! I want to try another smell, probably Vanilla or Figuier.



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