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Not feeling well..



Hello everyone! I have some stuff I’d like to share with you today.. You probably realised I haven’t been very active here on the blog or my social media and I even got few messages from you wandering what’s going on. I have been sick for over a month now and still gonna take a long time till I’m all healthy again. I know this is super personal and I don’t usually share this kind of stuff but I feel like you deserve to know. So here is what is going on and I’ll try my best to get active in blogging again!

Keep Me Warm



I hate this getting dark at 4PM thing..I can’t do outfit posts that often as I would like to because I’m either at school/working or my friends (my very own photographers ha) are working. Well this #OOTD was shot yesterday morning and the light was pretty good! So hopefully I will manage to do more outfits because I have some new coats which I have to show you plus I have so many outfits in my head already. Do you know that feeling when you put on really cool outfit but there’s no way how to capture it and show it to others? Ok I’m gonna stop moaning about the darkness haha. Well have a great day and check out some new bits in my outfit..I’m in love with the coat and backpack ♥


Wishlist: Casual OOTD


Honestly, I love doing wishlists! ..and also looking at others wishlists, I always find new brands, new styles etc. and I hope you like them as well. As you already know, I love minimalist casual style and these thing are super basic and so easy to style. I don’t mind paying more for such a staple peaces because I know I always get the wear out of it and they usually stick at my closet for a really long time. These are my top favourites! And let me know what is on your wishlist?