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Huge Christmas gift guide for him&her



Christmas is in less than a month! Did I mention it’s Christmas next month?! Haha can you tell my excitement? It is my favorite time of the year.. snow, beautiful lights everywhere and super cute decorations. It’s like our lives turn into fairytales and love is in the air. I think it’s the least selfish holiday we have, it make us think about others, our family, friends and our loved ones. And with that also come presents so this time I really took my time to create the perfect Gift Guide. You’ll find here tips for everyone so it doesn’t matter if it’s for your friend, mom, brother or boyfriend. I already got most of the presents (except for my dad.. aren’t dads the hardest to get presents for?) and it is strange because I usually get all the presents last minute haha. Anyways if you’re still looking for inspiration scroll down and pick your favourites!