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4 Fall Trends I’ve been loving



Today I’m gonna share with you my favorite trends for this fall. The fact that there’s so many trends I actually love is really strange.. I am not that type of a person to follow the new trends and I usually just end up wearing super basic things or the stuff I already own. But this year it’s gonna be all about experimenting with red, wearing checked blazer with a baker boy hat, and rocking some vinyl pants with band tees. With each trend I picked some of my favorite affordable pieces so don’t forget to check it out!

New Beginning



I have no idea how to start this post, what exactly to say or how much to share. I was never very open with personal stuff here on the blog and like I said in previous posts I want to try and share more of the real life with you. So those who follow me on Instagram probably saw that I started selling a lot of my clothes and there was one big reason.. I am moving to the US! Although it’s only for three months now and the plan is to find a job and be able to stay there. It’s not gonna be easy, there’s a lot of stuff I need to take care of and I am just very thankful to have such a supportive family and boyfriend (*hint hint* you’ll find out about him very soon!). I want to take this post as a little introduction to my journey, which I am going to share with you and I really hope you’ll like it!

February Online Picks

T-shirt / Glasses / Coveteur / Girlboss / Chanel Fragrance / Backpack / Sneakers / Diptyque Clay / Kylie Lip Kit


Monday’s here! I never thought I would be this excited but I’m actually looking forward going to school and work today. I was sick for so long and I’m finally starting to feel stronger and much better overall.  And this is the outcome of my illness..Wishlist! I feel like I browsed on every site and seriously can’t wait to be busy with school and work to keep my money from disappearing haha. Although I already purchased few thing, the GRL PWR tee from NA-KD this was a gift for my name day (so that doesn’t really count right?), Girlboss and Coveteur books as well as few beauty products from Kylie Cosmetics (Can’t wait for them to arrive! And to pay the extra import duties and taxes..yay). An the rest will probably stay on my long term wishlist..especially the Alexander McQueen Sneakers I can’t stop thinking about them. What is currently on your wishlist?

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide



You probably noticed that I haven’t been very active on my social media lately and it’s because I am not feeling well and I basically slept through the whole weekend. Being sick tend to get boring and gives me extra time to browse through all online shops (and by all I mean literally all haha) and with upcoming Valentine’s Day I got the idea to create small gift guide. All these products are from ASOS and most of them are under 20 dollars. And it’s always nice to get something small that makes us smile. Don’t worry if you’re single..treat yourself! Or you bestie! Or both! I hope you will like this guide and let me know how are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Last Minute Gifts for your Bestie



Buying Christmas gifts last minute? To be honest I got most of my gifts early but still have to buy something for my friends..so I came up with the idea of last minute gifts for your bestie! I found some of my favourites and cute stuff on the internet and thought these would be helpful for you as well. I feel like it’s not important to buy the most expensive gift it’s more of a nice gesture that you think about the other. So most of my picks are about $20 – $30 (hover over the product to get price info) also I like to get either something funny or cute, so that’s why most of the stuff is pink haha. I think makeup products, jewellery and stationery are the best options!

Also ASOS has 30% off Gifts!

Top 10 Faux Fur Coats



It’s getting cold! We already got the first snow..I always feel like the perfect sweater weather goes by so quick. But don’t be sad, we have so many options how to be fashionable and still stay warm, that’s why I prepared my top 10 favourite furry coats for this season! I never liked fur coats that much, but last year I found white one in sale so I gave it a try..and this year? I’m looking for some new ones because I believe they are gonna rock this winter! Also love different colors and crazy color combinations although I think I will stick with something more settled.
How about you? Any furry favourites so far?




Hello everyone! Here is outfit post after some time..I am pretty busy this month because of school and final, but I will try my best to keep posting as much as I can. Btw I just wanted say that this weather is perfect for jeans, sneakers and biker jacket. Like this outfit, which is more on the tomboyish side. I always like to dress this way and I feel most comfortable in it.
Have a nice rest of the week!