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Suit it up!



Hello everyone! Last time I showed you the Fashionplanet showroom and today here I am with my first and probably the most favorite pick and that is the stripy suit. It was love at first sight and I kept imagining it just with a basic or statement tee and sneakers. This year I really like the trend of matching two pieces and suites, they look so cool and stylish, plus you can dress them down (like I did here) or dress them up (with heels). I wanted to make this look even more casual so I added up my Pomikaki backpack which you all probably know quite well by now haha. When I love something I wear it all the time and I don’t even care.
What is the newest thing in your closet?

February Online Picks

T-shirt / Glasses / Coveteur / Girlboss / Chanel Fragrance / Backpack / Sneakers / Diptyque Clay / Kylie Lip Kit


Monday’s here! I never thought I would be this excited but I’m actually looking forward going to school and work today. I was sick for so long and I’m finally starting to feel stronger and much better overall.  And this is the outcome of my illness..Wishlist! I feel like I browsed on every site and seriously can’t wait to be busy with school and work to keep my money from disappearing haha. Although I already purchased few thing, the GRL PWR tee from NA-KD this was a gift for my name day (so that doesn’t really count right?), Girlboss and Coveteur books as well as few beauty products from Kylie Cosmetics (Can’t wait for them to arrive! And to pay the extra import duties and taxes..yay). An the rest will probably stay on my long term wishlist..especially the Alexander McQueen Sneakers I can’t stop thinking about them. What is currently on your wishlist?

Keep Me Warm



I hate this getting dark at 4PM thing..I can’t do outfit posts that often as I would like to because I’m either at school/working or my friends (my very own photographers ha) are working. Well this #OOTD was shot yesterday morning and the light was pretty good! So hopefully I will manage to do more outfits because I have some new coats which I have to show you plus I have so many outfits in my head already. Do you know that feeling when you put on really cool outfit but there’s no way how to capture it and show it to others? Ok I’m gonna stop moaning about the darkness haha. Well have a great day and check out some new bits in my outfit..I’m in love with the coat and backpack ♥


Running Errands



This is probably the first outfit where I’m smiling..so weird! It all started when me and Nikoleta went for breakfast which was btw delicious, and then took some outfit photos. When we two get together it gets crazy, we laugh way too much and I feel little bit sorry for other people around us lol. Anyway this is how all of the laughing pictures happened. And I think they turned out pretty good! What do you think?


What is color?



Hello everyone! You know what’s great? Having friend who runs fashion boutique because you can try all the new clothes from new collections which are not available at yet. I wanted to go for something more grungy but still me type of outfit. I didn’t realise this at first but all the pieces I picked were black or really dark… haha you know me! Next time I might choose something more colorful, we will see. But I felt super comfortable in this outfit, the leather pants are probably my most favourite thing and the Doca backpack. Also having the shirt tied up around my waist reminds me of the teenage me, I used to wear it like this all the time!


Morning Selfie


I had such a busy day today! After two weeks of relax a had to go back to cruel reality of me needing day to be at least 40 hours long..but you know what? I love it, it gives me so much energy and I feel more creative then before. Right know I am also finalizing stuff for my final show at school and I might share it with you (would you be interested?).
About the outfit, very simple t-shirt dress with fun text, sneakers and my favorite backpack which I wear all the time, it fits everything I need and the bright color really pops up. I am getting into wearing colors (little bit…once in a while haha) I do even like some colourful stuff more than black..it must be the weather!
Talk to you soon, V