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How I fell in love with summer



Yesterday I showed you my new bag and now you can see it in action! I have to say my furry slides are drawing a lot of attention and so funny to see people’s faces when they see them haha but I will talk about my obsession in the next post. For today I thought I would share some reasons why I fell in love with summer. I was always more of fall/spring kinda girl but now I enjoy summery fashion styles way more then I ever used to. But it’s not only about fashion, it’s about the lifestyle. Everything is way more calm for me, just to sit outside on a nice little terrace, drink coffee and enjoy a good meal, or to sit by a pool and read a book. I feel like I learned how to appreciate these moments. I am more of a night owl anyways so I do most of my work at night and just live my life during the sunny days. I am just so excited for this summer! ☼

What do you enjoy the most about summer?

Dreamy Outfit

ASOS Jacket/Moschino Tee/Pomikaki Bag/Zara Boots


Here are some things I recently found on the internet (lovely world of online shopping haha) and thought I would share these picks with you! I really like the jacket which is very similar to the Acne one which I’m craving for but is absolutely out of my budget and this one on ASOS is still pretty affordable. The t-shirt is so cool I like the statement and how showy the print is, would look so good with basic jeans and the leather jacket! The Zara boots are so nice I hope they will still be in stores when I get there haha. And lastly this Pomikaki Bag from Fashionplanet.cz it’s such a good quality and more special than regular black bags. Don’t forget you can get 15% off with code veshion15!
What do you thing about this Dreamy Outfit? Any favourites?

New in: Karl Lagerfeld Bag



Hello everyone! I hope you’re enjoying holidays as much as you can! I got sick so no big plans for me, but at least I can stay home and watch tv series I’ve missed haha. Since I am kinda bored I want to share with you one of my Christmas presents which is this Karl Lagerfeld bag! I got it from my parents and I am so thankful for it. It is so beautiful in black and white combination and with the fur on it. You will see it soon in outfit post!
Which present did you like the most?

Put on some Heels



This is probably my first outfit post with me wearing heels, which is so strange because I am 100% sneaker girl but you know what, it’s great to put on heels once in a while (especially when you know you don’t have walk too far haha). It felt great and it just makes the outfit look more put together and more special then with a pair of sneakers. There will be probably more outfits with heels coming up since I got these beauties and I love them so much! They are so versatile, you can wear them with pretty dresses as well as in this outfit with vintage shorts and band tee. How about you and heels?


Sunshine in my back



Hello everyone! Yesterday’s weather was so nice, sunny and hot but not too hot, you know what I mean? Had to do some work and meetings in the morning and then we decided to go see the Finding Dory movie..it was the last day in theatres, like they were waiting for us haha. And then we had to go get ice cream. Obviously in Angelato, they have the best ice-cream in Prague! I had my favorite combo of salted caramel and jasmine rice (it sounds weird but it’s so refreshing!).
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


Everything has Beauty


Nice weekend to you all! This was my yesterday’s outfit when me and Eliza went for a coffee, which escalated into lemonade, ice cream and Hero sandwich ..obviously no coffee haha. The weather is so crazy, so hot. Can’t wait to go back home to my parents and spend all the time by the pool. Back to the outfit, super comfy and I was not that hot honestly. The pants are from such a thin material and obviously my favorite Adidas slides, I wear them everyday lol. What is your “hot weather uniform”?



Another outfit with a dress? I told you! It’s so easy to put them on, again with a pair of sneakers. To be honest a lot of people gave me weird looks even my family asked me why do I wear sneakers with this type of dress haha. I love the combination of feminine and sporty. Also this oversized denim jacket does pretty great job. It’s my hot piece for summer, I get always cold when the wind blows and it’s perfect for those summer evenings. I am planning on doing some type of “hot for summer” posts on this blog, would you be interested?

Morning Selfie


I had such a busy day today! After two weeks of relax a had to go back to cruel reality of me needing day to be at least 40 hours long..but you know what? I love it, it gives me so much energy and I feel more creative then before. Right know I am also finalizing stuff for my final show at school and I might share it with you (would you be interested?).
About the outfit, very simple t-shirt dress with fun text, sneakers and my favorite backpack which I wear all the time, it fits everything I need and the bright color really pops up. I am getting into wearing colors (little bit…once in a while haha) I do even like some colourful stuff more than black..it must be the weather!
Talk to you soon, V

Feeling the sunshine


Hello everyone! The weather is finally amazing, although sometimes way too hot. I love that I don’t have to carry around extra jacket in case I get cold. All I need is dress or romper like on the photos. I got this romper not long while a go and it’s already my favorite piece for summer. I am so into tropical prints right now!

What do you wear in this weather?

Any tips and tricks?

tropical1 tropical2 tropical3 tropical4 tropical5 tropical6 tropical7

romper – Only (via Zoot), bag – Topshop, shoes – Birkenstock

Budapest outfit


Hello guys! I haven’t post an outfit in a long time so here is one from Budapest! Comfy, that’s what I was going for! This day we walked the most and Uggs and fluffy scarf kept me warm for the whole day. The weather was beautiful, it was sunny all the time we were there. Hopefully you will see more outfit posts on my blog! budapestoutfit2budapestoutfitbudapestoutfit4

t-shirt/jacket – Zara, coat/bag – Mango, pants – Topshop, scarf – H&M, shoes – Uggs, beanie – Primark, sunnies – Ray Ban