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Not feeling well..



Hello everyone! I have some stuff I’d like to share with you today.. You probably realised I haven’t been very active here on the blog or my social media and I even got few messages from you wandering what’s going on. I have been sick for over a month now and still gonna take a long time till I’m all healthy again. I know this is super personal and I don’t usually share this kind of stuff but I feel like you deserve to know. So here is what is going on and I’ll try my best to get active in blogging again!

4 Fall Trends I’ve been loving



Today I’m gonna share with you my favorite trends for this fall. The fact that there’s so many trends I actually love is really strange.. I am not that type of a person to follow the new trends and I usually just end up wearing super basic things or the stuff I already own. But this year it’s gonna be all about experimenting with red, wearing checked blazer with a baker boy hat, and rocking some vinyl pants with band tees. With each trend I picked some of my favorite affordable pieces so don’t forget to check it out!