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Irresistible Me – Hair Extensions


Hello everyone! Do you ever have anything planned and then it just doesn’t work out? This is what is happening to me with blog posts..I plan the text and have photos ready but then I don’t get the time to actually put everything together and publish it. So sorry this is little bit later. You could have seen and outfit post where my hair was super long (here), and here is why! I received a package from Irresistible Me with hair extensions. I love long hair but overtime my own hair get slightly longer I feel like I need to cut them, so I guess I will never have super long natural hair..so thank got for hair extensions. I was little bit worried about the color I was scared it’s not gonna match my natural hair, but fortunately it’s exactly the same! Also I like the how everything came, nicely packaged and hair seemed to be nice quality as well. Does any of you wear hair extensions or would like to?