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Birthday To Do List



It’s my Birthday today YAY! Well not only mine, my blog celebrates 2nd birthday today as well..it’s crazy! I thought I’ve been blogging for more then 3 years, still can’t believe that so much has happened in such a short time, which I am all so grateful for. Well I’m gonna stop being sentimental and show you my Birthday To Do List.


Fall/Winter Lust List



Fall and Winter is probably my favorite time of the year..why? Fall is just so beautiful, it’s getting colder, I can wear thick sweaters and jackets, drink my favourite chai latte and everything is more relaxed (at least for me) and it’s my birthday (yay)! What about Winter? It means Christmas! I love the feeling, candles, food, festive decorations and christmas songs. Although I hate the cold weather haha. And because of all that I created a Lust List, these are all the things I would love to get or buy, I know all these are splurge items but a girl can dream right?



Hi Guys! My birthday is coming so I decided to make a little wish list. Those are three things I would love to get for my birthday.
Zara Boots – Yes I know, I have like million of black boots but look at these! They are adorable! I already know what would I wear them with, what else to say? Pure love.
Daniel Wellington watches – I don’t own any pair of watches so I decided it’s time to start wearing them. I love the simplicity of them and they can be worn with every outfit.
Diptyque candle – I have the Baies one and it’s like the best candle ever, the smell is magical! I want to try another smell, probably Vanilla or Figuier.