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New in: Gucci Marmont



Finals are over, stress is gone and summer is here! You have no idea how happy I am to have more free time to relax and spend some time with friends and family. Right after my finals I got this beauty and just had to share it with you. I fell in love with the Gucci velvet bags about a half year ago and couldn’t stop thinking about them, especially this petrol blue one and then it disappeared from their website (I thought) for good. And now they’re back! They also have the smaller version of this bag in cobalt blue and different embroidered versions (also super pretty) but I decided to go with the classic and you’ll see it in outfit tomorrow ♥

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Blue Velvet



Long time no see! It’s been some time since I haven’t post anything and I missed it so much. The truth is I didn’t really feel motivated or inspired. I had this outfit and photos ready few weeks ago but I didn’t know what to write so it’s been saved as draft for some time. I had a lot of stuff to do for school and then some new project in my working life and whenever I had the chance to take photos of my outfit I didn’t want to, I didn’t really like what I was wearing (it was pretty much the same thing all time, basics basics basics) or I wasn’t in the mood. Lately I’ve been feeling really good, had some good luck and just felt (still feeling! haha) happy. So here is the old outfit you haven’t seen yet with my new Karl Lagerfeld bag and Public Desire over the knee heels, which are kinda hard to walk in, I’m not gonna lie haha. Anyways expect more posts from now on, I have new hair care I’ve been trying recently so there will be review soon. Also did some shopping so expect a lot of “new in” posts and new outfit hopefully soon as well.
P.S. Have a great weekend everyone!

Morning Selfie


I had such a busy day today! After two weeks of relax a had to go back to cruel reality of me needing day to be at least 40 hours long..but you know what? I love it, it gives me so much energy and I feel more creative then before. Right know I am also finalizing stuff for my final show at school and I might share it with you (would you be interested?).
About the outfit, very simple t-shirt dress with fun text, sneakers and my favorite backpack which I wear all the time, it fits everything I need and the bright color really pops up. I am getting into wearing colors (little bit…once in a while haha) I do even like some colourful stuff more than black..it must be the weather!
Talk to you soon, V

Budapest outfit


Hello guys! I haven’t post an outfit in a long time so here is one from Budapest! Comfy, that’s what I was going for! This day we walked the most and Uggs and fluffy scarf kept me warm for the whole day. The weather was beautiful, it was sunny all the time we were there. Hopefully you will see more outfit posts on my blog! budapestoutfit2budapestoutfitbudapestoutfit4

t-shirt/jacket – Zara, coat/bag – Mango, pants – Topshop, scarf – H&M, shoes – Uggs, beanie – Primark, sunnies – Ray Ban

I am back


Hello everyone! I am back from Budapest and I have to say it was amazing! Me and my boyfriend went there for three days and it was enough. There will be post (hopefully tomorrow) with bunch of pictures and also tips what to visit, so stay tuned!

Hope you had great week!


Sneakers on


Hello guys! This is my last week of finals at college..I really need break! Surprisingly this is one of my school outfits – coat, beanie, and sneakers, super comfortable but I think it looks pretty good together. I feel like this baby blue coat makes every single outfit more interesting and it’s also super warm, which I really appreciate because the weather is freezing right now.

Are you also finishing with your finals?

How does your school/work outfit looks like?

sneakerson2sneakerson5 sneakerson3



This scarf reminds me of Christmas so much! Actually I still can’t believe it’s a middle of December and there is no snow (not complaining at all). Also my school ended so I can sleep, watch Christmasy movies, and decorate. I really need little break and what’s better than Christmas, right?

What do you do on Christmas break?