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Hello Amsterdam!



Hello everyone! I am writing this post only few minutes before we have to leave to go to the airport.. I planned this trip as a surprise for my boyfriend and he still has no idea. I’ve been to Amsterdam two times before that but every time I just didn’t get the real experience so this time I don’t want to worry about monuments that much but enjoy little breakfast places, cafes, exhibitions and concept stores. Hopefully I’ll get enough photos to write a post about it and meanwhile you can watch my insta stories to see what we’re up to.
Also if you have any recommendations please send me an email or comment here ❤️

My life lately



Thought about sharing some pictures from my phone, I used to do posts like this long time ago and don’t even remember why I stopped because you seemed to really like them. I think it’s a good way to share more of my life with you because let’s be honest I am a little bit of a freak when it comes to my Instagram theme and a lot of pictures just don’t make the cut. So this way you can get an idea of what I do in my free time, where I hang out and probably most of the time what I like to eat.. I thought that I don’t take as many photos of food as I used to but I could create few of these posts with food pics only haha.  I am excited to do more of these because going back to my pictures just brought back so many good memories so I hope you’ll like it and let me know what you like to do in summer time!

Fashionplanet Showroom SS17



Some time ago I visited the Fashionplanet Showroom to check out the new collection for spring and summer 2017 and I just fell in love with way too many things! We started off with yummy breakfast and cappuccinos, talked over all the news and then looked around. Doca came up with so many styles for their collection and my favourites were the Chanel style bags and big squared shopper (you’ll see on pictures below 😉 ). Clothing wise, Estel had so many boho pieces, off shoulder tops and embroidered dress and also stripy suite which I already got haha and you can see it on my Instagram. And Doca had all beach ready items which is perfect because I’m going this summer to Greece so I already planned my outfits haha. Well take a look!

Bonjour Paris



If you read this, I’m already in Paris YAY! I love traveling and especially flying although to Paris it only takes about 2 hours. As I wrote earlier I am meeting there with my friends from High School and I am so excited to finally see them..it’s been such a long time!  We have two and a half day here so each day is pretty packed with plans. We want to see all the mainstream monuments but also want to get lost and enjoy some cute cafes and restaurants in small streets. So if you have any tips for more interesting non touristy places please let me know in the comments will really appreciate it! That is all from me for now and I will post some cool pictures after I got back home.
Love V

Lazy Morning with Happy Socks



Hello everyone! In collaboration with Happy Socks I decided to show you my lazy morning routine. I just had a day without work or school in the morning which means no alarm clock YEY! Right after I wake up I like to take super hot shower, brushing my teeth and all that basic hygiene stuff. For breakfast I usually make oatmeal with salted caramel (my favorite thing in the world!) or avo toast but since I ran out of avocado, oatmeal was the winner. I can recommend the apple cinnamon from Marks & Spencer I tried a lot of them and this one is seriously the best! And for drink I made myself Chai Tea Latte, it always reminds me of Christmas..would you be interested in Chai Tea recipe? While enjoying the breakfast IN BED I usually prepare some blog posts in advance and watch tv shows. I just started rewatching the Gossip Girl and also the new episodes of 2 Broke Girls. How does your lazy morning look like?


FashionPlanet Showroom



Today I have something exciting for you! Last week I had the opportunity to check out Fall/Winter collections at the FashionPlanet Showroom. We started off with breakfast and iced coffee, which was delish! And then check all the handbags and clothing. To be honest, there’s so much stuff that I liked, loved the colors and materials! If you follow me on Snapchat (@veronika.vrbova) you could already see some sneak peaks and also the beautiful Estel dress I tried on. I was also super excited for Pomikaki collection. I want everything! haha. Check it out and let me know what pieces are your favorite!


Lazy day


Hello everyone! I thought I would show how my lazy day looked like. I was really tired and I felt like I needed a rest. I slept pretty long to get some energy and It helped!

Do you have those days when you just want to stay home and do nothing?


After I got up I made myself late delicious breakfast, also I got some work done.


Then there was time to chill, watch videos and tv series.

lazy3 lazy4

Finally I had time to read and made myself some hot green tea.


In the end of the day I had dinner which was pretty amazing! I might be doing post on this! In the night I just watched the True Detective and fell a sleep.