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Vintage love



Oh my god! It’s been a month since the last time i posted here.. Honestly I was just very busy with work and school especially, on Friday I submitted all my projects for BA finals YAY! And I am so happy to have finally more time for Veshion Life and I also plan on doing completely new posts and more personal ones as well. I hope you will still enjoy this blog and huge thanks to those who came back.
About my outfit, this style is so me. I really love the over the knee boots which i wasn’t a big fan of from the beginning.. the rest is very casual, big sweatshirt and oversized denim jacket. Actually I wanted to share my sweatshirt story with you, I found it some time ago in my mom’s old closet.. I was so happy when I saw it since the design is so popular again ♡ Kinda wish my mom would keep more of her old clothes haha.
Well this is it for today.. I hope you’re having amazing weekend!

Wishlist: Casual OOTD


Honestly, I love doing wishlists! ..and also looking at others wishlists, I always find new brands, new styles etc. and I hope you like them as well. As you already know, I love minimalist casual style and these thing are super basic and so easy to style. I don’t mind paying more for such a staple peaces because I know I always get the wear out of it and they usually stick at my closet for a really long time. These are my top favourites! And let me know what is on your wishlist?

Super Casual


If there should be one iconic outfit for me it would be this one. I just found myself in casual street wear. Mom jeans are my absolute favourite, so comfy! And leather jacket, statement piece everyone should have, so easy to style. Again everything is in neutral colours, black and white. Btw I didn’t have space to put my headphones into bag and it looks pretty good! Friends headphones are the best, you can read more about them in tomorrows post!